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Jan 29, 2006 - Cameron Siler and Charles Linkem

New Southeast Asian herpetologist listings added to the people directory: Cameron Siler and Charles Linkem.

Oct 23, 2005 - New Biographical Listing and Photographs Added

An article on the Thai herpetologist, Wirot Nutphand, has been contributed by Olivier Pauwels and Montri Sumontha.

Oct 17, 2005 - New Biographical Listing Added

New listing added: Alex Kupfer.

Jul 22, 2005 - New Herpetologist Image Added

Thanks to Olivier Pauwels, I've posted up an image of Lawan Chanhome.

Jul 18, 2005 - New Herpetologist Listings

At the suggestion of Olivier Pauwels, I have added listings for a number of our colleagues from Thailand: Miss & Dr. Lawan Chanhome, Mr. Montri Sumontha, Dr. Kumthorn Thirakhupt, Miss Sansareeya Wangkulangkul, Dr. Wachira Kitimasak, and Mr. Komsorn Lauprasert. A listing and biography of Wirot Nutphand will be coming soon.

Jul 14, 2005 - A New Herpetologist Listing Added

A new listing has been added to the People section: Anita Malhotra.

Jul 13, 2005 - New Species Images Added

Ulrich Manthey has kindly contributed some series images of Glyphoglossus molossus from Thailand, Microhyla heymonsi from Pedu Lake, and Microhyla annectens (with another series here), with each series showing the respective species in various stages of development (larval, metamorph, and adult).

Jul 12, 2005 - Updated Biography Image

A new image of Gernot Vogel has been added.

Jul 11, 2005 - New Herpetologist Listings Added

Biographies and images of two other members of the Southeast Asian herpetological community have been added to the People section: Thy and Thu.

Jul 10, 2005 - Image Update: Perry Wood and Tim Youmans

Photographs of two Southeast Asian herpetologists have been added: Perry Wood and Tim Youmans.

Frogs of the Malay Peninsula

Table of Contents

  • IntroductionWhat is this site all about, and why is it around? Here I explain it all.
  • Species From tree frogs to burrowing frogs to flying frogs to creeping frogs, this illustrated guide explores the rich diversity of frogs of the Malay Peninsula, with detailed and in-depth accounts of the habitus, habits, and habitats of individual species, as well as galleries and galleries of photographs and (eventually) sound recordings.
    • Species Accounts Synoptic accounts of each of the frog species of the Malay Peninsula, covering systematics, biogeography, ecology and other aspects of amphibian biology.
    • Species Image Galleries Photographic images of the frog species of the Malay Peninsula, illustrating not only species, but their habitats and behavior.
    • Species Audio Galleries This section is not yet implemented, but will eventually hold recordings and associated sonograms of the of vocalizations of the frog species of the Malay Peninsula.
  • PeoplePeople and personalities, past and present, of the herpetology of the Malay Peninsula.
  • ArticlesArticles on a wide variety of topics, from nature and natural history to photography.
  • SearchSearch through this site to locate documents containing specific terms or sets of terms.
  • Indices Categorized indices to all major content.
    • Species Index Index of all the species that are featured on this site, with links to accounts, images and audio.
    • Species Synonym Index Index of all species names, valid and invalid, that have been or used to refer to the species featured on this site, with links to the accounts of the relevant species.
    • Species Image Index A list of all the species images on this site.
    • Illustrated Species Image Index Browse through all the frog species images at this site.
    • Person Index All the people, herpetologists of the past and present, featured on this site.
  • Announcements News, updates and bulletins, what's new, etc.
  • About About this site and the people behind it.
  • Contact Send a message to me - feedback, questions, comments, critiques, etc.
Sukumaran, J. 2002-2004. Frogs of the Malay Peninsula.
This site is dedicated to the science and conservation of the frogs of the Malay Peninsula. All contents of this website (including text, images, audio, code and markup) are Copyright 2002-2004 Jeet Sukumaran, unless otherwise noted. All rights are reserved. For more information, including information on acquiring permission to use materials from this site, please see the Terms of Use. For feedback, questions or comments, please feel free to contact me.
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