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Frogs of the Malay Peninsula

Species Accounts

Here you will find detailed synoptic accounts for the 98 species currently recognized as occuring in the Malay Peninsula. You can get to the account of the species that you are interested in by using the systematically-hierarchized navigation menu on the left, which is available throughout the Species section of this site, or by the comprehensive species index table on this page. If you cannot find the species that you are looking for by either of these means, it might be listed under a different name, so you could try looking for it in the Species Synonym Index, or using the site search engine to locate it.

FamilyGenusSpeciesAuthorYearType Locality
Bufonidae Ansonia Ansonia leptopus Günther 1872 Matang, Sarawak, East Malaysia (Borneo).
Bufonidae Ansonia Ansonia malayana Inger 1960 "4,000 feet in the Larut Hills, Perak, Malaya", Malaysia.
Bufonidae Ansonia Ansonia penangensis Stoliczka 1870 Penang Hill, Penang, Malaysia ("near the great water-fall (above Alexandra bath), and two in a narrow gorge about half way up the Penang hill").
Bufonidae Ansonia Ansonia siamensis Kiew 1985 "1984" Khao Chong, Trang, Thailand
Bufonidae Ansonia Ansonia tiomanica Hendrickson 1966 "From a cave at an elevation of about 2,400 feet, Ulu Lalang, Pulau Tioman, Pahang", West Malaysia.
Bufonidae Bufo Bufo asper Gravenhorst 1829 Java, Indonesia.
Bufonidae Bufo Bufo kumquat Das and Lim 2001 0.63 km from 35 km point on Sungei Besar-Tanjung Malim Road, Sabak Bernam, North Selangor, west Malaysia
Bufonidae Bufo Bufo macrotis Boulenger 1887 "Bhamo [24° 16' 0" N 97° 15' 0 E]; Teinzo and Me-tan-ja in the Kakhien Hills", Myanmar. Restricted to Teinzò, Myanmar, by lectotype designation.
Bufonidae Bufo Bufo melanostictus Schneider 1799 "India orientali" (East India)
Bufonidae Bufo Bufo parvus Boulenger 1887 "within a radius of 50 miles from the town of Malacca", West Malaysia
Bufonidae Bufo Bufo quadriporcatus Boulenger 1887 "within a radius of 50 miles from the town of Malacca", West Malaysia
Bufonidae Leptophryne Leptophryne borbonica Tschudi 1838 "East Indies", restricted to Java, Indonesia by Inger (1966).
Bufonidae Pedostibes Pedostibes hosii Boulenger 1892 Mt. Dulit, Sarawak
Bufonidae Pelophryne Pelophryne signata Boulenger 1895 "Robong [= Rabong] Mt., Kapunas district, Dutch Borneo", Kalimantan, Borneo.
Bufonidae Pseudobufo Pseudobufo subasper Tschudi 1838 "Borneo" [Frost] or Sumatra [Manthey and Grossman].
Megophryidae Leptobrachium Leptobrachium hendricksoni Taylor 1962 "Bhetong, Yala, Thailand and Kuala Tahan, King George V National Park [Taman Negara], Pahang, Malaya [West Malaysia]".
Megophryidae Leptobrachium Leptobrachium nigrops Berry and Hendrickson 1963 "Singapore, Catchment Area near Nee Soon Pumping Station, altitude 10-15 meters".
Megophryidae Leptobrachium Leptobrachium smithi Matsui, Nabhitabhata, and Panha 1999 Ton Nam Plu Waterfall, Khao Chang, Southern Thailand. 7°34'N, 99°49'E, at 260 m.
Megophryidae Leptolalax Leptolalax gracilis Günther 1872 Matang, Sarawak
Megophryidae Leptolalax Leptolalax heteropus Boulenger 1900 "Larut Hills [Perak, West Malaysia] at an altitude of 3500 feet".
Megophryidae Leptolalax Leptolalax kajangensis Grismer, Grismer and Youmans 2004 "inside Gua [Cave] Tengkuk Air, Gunung Kajang, Pulau Tioman, Pahang, West Malaysia at 1000 m in elevation"
Megophryidae Leptolalax Leptolalax pelodytoides Boulenger 1883 "Thao and District of Karin Bia-po, Karin Hills, Burma".
Megophryidae Megophrys Megophrys aceras Boulenger 1903 "Bukit Besar (2500 feet) [before Biserat] and Jalor [Pattani, Southern Thailand]".
Megophryidae Megophrys Megophrys longipes Boulenger 1886 "1885" "The mountains of Perak, Straits of Malacca, at a height of 3,300 feet."
Megophryidae Megophrys Megophrys nasuta Schlegel 1837 Sumatra
Microhylidae Calluella Calluella guttulata Blyth 1856 "1855" Pegu, Myanmar
Microhylidae Calluella Calluella minuta Das, Norsham and Lim 2004 Forest trail along Sungai Relau (04º 40’ 46.3”N; 102º 03’21.2”E), Merapoh, Taman Negara, Pahang State, Peninsular Malaysia, altitude 167 m ASL (Holotype ZRC A.10888 and Paratype FRIM 0579); Kuala Tahan, Taman Negara, Pahang State, Peninsular Malaysia (Paratype ZRC 1.2919)
Microhylidae Chaperina Chaperina fusca Mocquard 1892 "Sintang, Borneo" (West Kalimanatan)
Microhylidae Glyphoglossus Glyphoglossus molossus Günther 1869 "1868" "Pegu" (= Bago), Myanmar; expanded to "Eastern Pegu .... within the tidal portion of the Irrawaddy Delta . . . [in] a hole that happened to be near the spot" by Mason, 1884, Burma, 1: 292. [Frost]
Microhylidae Kalophrynus Kalophrynus palmatissimus Kiew 1984 "Lowland dipterocarp forest at about 75 m a. s. l. at the Pasoh Forest Reserve in Negeri Sembilian", West Malaysia
Microhylidae Kalophrynus Kalophrynus pleurostigma Tschudi 1838 Frost gives "Sumatra", but Manthey & Grossman give "Borneo"
Microhylidae Kalophrynus Kalophrynus robinsoni Smith 1922 "Wray’s camp. A halting place about four hours from Kuala Teku. Height above sea level, 3300 feet", in mountains of Pahang (Malaya), Malaysia
Microhylidae Kaloula Kaloula baleata Mueller 1836 Krawang and/or Lewie Gadja, Java, Indonesia.
Microhylidae Kaloula Kaloula mediolineata Smith 1917 "Prachuap Kirikan, S. W. Siam" (Thailand).
Microhylidae Kaloula Kaloula pulchra Gray 1831 China
Microhylidae Metaphrynella Metaphrynella pollicaris Boulenger 1890 "about 3000 ft. on the hills of Perak" (Peninsular Malaysia)
Microhylidae Microhyla Microhyla annectens Boulenger 1900 "Larut Hills at 4000 feet", Perak, West Malaysia.
Microhylidae Microhyla Microhyla berdmorei Blyth 1856 "1855" "Schwe Gyen" on the Sitang River, Pegu (Bago), Myanmar
Microhylidae Microhyla Microhyla borneensis Parker 1928 "Kidi district, Sarawak" [Bidi?]
Microhylidae Microhyla Microhyla butleri Boulenger 1900 Larut Hills, 4000 ft., Perak (Peninsular Malaysia)
Microhylidae Microhyla Microhyla heymonsi Vogt 1911 "Formosa" (Taiwan), restricted to "Kosempo, Formosa" [= Taiwan, China], by Parker (1934). [Frost]
Microhylidae Microhyla Microhyla ornata Duméril and Bibron 1841 "Malabar Coast, India"
Microhylidae Microhyla Microhyla palmipes Boulenger 1897 "Pengalengan, Java, 4000 ft.", Indonesia
Microhylidae Microhyla Microhyla superciliaris Parker 1928 "Batu Caves, Kuala Lumpur, Malay Peninsula" (West Malaysia).
Microhylidae Micryletta Micryletta inornata Boulenger 1890 "Deli", or "Langhat", Northern Sumatra
Microhylidae Phrynella Phrynella pulchra Boulenger 1887 "within a radius of fifty miles from the town of Malacca", Melaka, West Malaysia
Ranidae Amolops Amolops larutensis Boulenger 1899 "Larut Peak, 3000 ft.", Perak, West Malaysia
Ranidae Fejervarya Fejervarya cancrivora Gravenhorst 1829 Originally, "Java"; neotype from "Cianjur (06° 49´ S, 107° 08´ E), West Java, Java (Indonesia)".
Ranidae Fejervarya Fejervarya limnocharis Gravenhorst 1829 Java, Indonesia
Ranidae Fejervarya Fejervarya raja Smith 1930 "neighbourhood of Pattani town", Pattani, Thailand.
Ranidae Hoplobatrachus Hoplobatrachus chinensis Osbeck 1765 Presumably the vicinity of Canton, China [Frost]
Ranidae Ingerana Ingerana tasanae Smith 1921 Tasan, 25 miles S. W. Chumporn, Peninsular Siam [Thailand]".
Ranidae Ingerana Ingerana tenasserimensis Sclater 1892 Tenasserim, southern Myanmar
Ranidae Limnonectes Limnonectes blythii Boulenger 1920 "Tenasserim valley", Myanmar (holotype) and "Pegu" [Bago], Myanmar (syntypes)
Ranidae Limnonectes Limnonectes doriae Boulenger 1887 "Kaw-ka-riet", 30 miles from Moulmein, northern Tenasserim, Myanmar
Ranidae Limnonectes Limnonectes hascheanus Stoliczka 1870 "Forests of Penang hill", Malaysia [above 1000 feet]
Ranidae Limnonectes Limnonectes kuhlii Tschudi 1838 "Java", Indonesia
Ranidae Limnonectes Limnonectes laticeps Boulenger 1882 "Khassya" (= Khasi Hills, Assam) and "Bengal", India.
Ranidae Limnonectes Limnonectes macrognathus Boulenger 1917 "Karin Hills, Upper Myanmar, 1300 to 1600 feet, and from the district of the Karin Bia-po", Myanmar.
Ranidae Limnonectes Limnonectes malesianus Kiew 1984 "Bukit Timah, Singapore".
Ranidae Limnonectes Limnonectes nitidus Smedley 1932 "1931" "Tanah Rata", Cameron Highlands, Pahang, Malaya, Malaysia
Ranidae Limnonectes Limnonectes paramacrodon Inger 1966 "Sungei Tawan, a small tributary of the Kalabakan River, Tawau District, Sabah", Malaysia (Borneo)."
Ranidae Limnonectes Limnonectes plicatellus Stoliczka 1873 "either Penang itself or on the opposite coast of the Wellesley Province [Butterworth]", Malaya, Malaysia.
Ranidae Limnonectes Limnonectes tweediei Smith 1935 "near the River Yum, Headwater Plus River, alt. 2,000 feet", Perak, Malaysia.
Ranidae Occidozyga Occidozyga lima Gravenhorst 1829 Java
Ranidae Occidozyga Occidozyga martensii Peters 1867 "Bangkok (Siam)", Thailand.
Ranidae Occidozyga Occidozyga sumatrana Peters 1877 "Sumatra", Indonesia.
Ranidae Rana Rana banjarana Leong and Lim 2003 "Bank of a gentle, slow-flowing stream (1 m wide, 20 cm deep) in montane forest, feeding into main river of Parit Falls, Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands, Pahang, Peninsular Malaysia (4° 28' N, 101° 23' E, ca. 1,300 m asl)"
Ranidae Rana Rana baramica Boettger 1903 Baram River, Sarawak, Malaysia
Ranidae Rana Rana erythraea Schlegel 1837 "Java" and "Sumatra", Indonesia.
Ranidae Rana Rana glandulosa Boulenger 1882 Sarawak, East Malaysia, Borneo
Ranidae Rana Rana hosii Boulenger 1891 Mount Dulit, Sarawak, East Malaysia, Borneo
Ranidae Rana Rana laterimaculata Boettger 1900 "Sadong, Sarawak, Borneo", Malaysia.
Ranidae Rana Rana luctuosa Peters 1871 Sarawak, East Malaysia, Borneo
Ranidae Rana Rana macrodactyla Günther 1859 "1858" Hong Kong, China
Ranidae Rana Rana miopus Boulenger 1918 Khao Wang Hip and Nakhon Si Thammarat, Thailand
Ranidae Rana Rana nicobariensis Stoliczka 1870 Nicobar Is., India
Ranidae Rana Rana nigrovittata Blyth 1856 "1855" "Schwe Gyen on the Sitang River, Pegu", Myanmar.
Ranidae Rana Rana picturata Boulenger 1920 Kinabalu, Sabah, East Malaysia, Borneo
Ranidae Rana Rana raniceps Peters 1871 Sarawak, East Malaysia, Borneo
Rhacophoridae Nyctixalus Nyctixalus pictus Peters 1871 Sarawak, East Malaysia, Borneo
Rhacophoridae Philautus Philautus parvulus Boulenger 1893 "District of the Karin Bia-po", Myanmar
Rhacophoridae Philautus Philautus petersi Boulenger 1900 Great Natuna Island, Indonesia
Rhacophoridae Philautus Philautus vermiculatus Boulenger 1900 "Larut Hills at 4000 feet", Perak, Malaya (Malaysia).
Rhacophoridae Polypedates Polypedates colletti Boulenger 1890 "Langkhat", Sumatra, Indonesia
Rhacophoridae Polypedates Polypedates leucomystax Gravenhorst 1829 "Java", Indonesia.
Rhacophoridae Polypedates Polypedates macrotis Boulenger 1891 Baram District, Sarawak, East Malaysia, Borneo
Rhacophoridae Rhacophorus Rhacophorus appendiculatus Günther 1859 "1858" Philippines
Rhacophoridae Rhacophorus Rhacophorus bipunctatus Ahl 1927 "Khassya" (= Khasi Hills) and "Assam", India.
Rhacophoridae Rhacophorus Rhacophorus cyanopunctatus Manthey and Steiof 1998 Surat Tani, Phanom, Thailand (200 m a.s.l.)
Rhacophoridae Rhacophorus Rhacophorus nigropalmatus Boulenger 1895 "Akar River", Sarawak, Malaysia (Borneo).
Rhacophoridae Rhacophorus Rhacophorus pardalis Günther 1859 "1858" Borneo, Philippines
Rhacophoridae Rhacophorus Rhacophorus prominanus Smith 1924 "Jor, Batang Padang, Perak, altitude 600 metres", West Malaysia.
Rhacophoridae Rhacophorus Rhacophorus reinwardtii Schlegel 1837 Mt. Pangerango, Java, Indonesia
Rhacophoridae Rhacophorus Rhacophorus robinsoni Boulenger 1903 "Bukit Besar. 2500 feet", Pattani, Thailand.
Rhacophoridae Theloderma Theloderma asperum Boulenger 1886 Bukit Larut, Perak, West Malaysia; 3300 ft.
Rhacophoridae Theloderma Theloderma horridum Boulenger 1903 Bukit Besar, Pattani, Thailand
Rhacophoridae Theloderma Theloderma leporosum Tschudi 1838 "Sumatra", Indonesia.
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